Ivan Kruglak

Ivan Kruglak


Ivan Kruglak, CEO of PhytoSynthetix, is an electrical engineer with a professional career as an entrepreneur and inventor.

He’s responsible for the successful development of over 50 separate products, from idea to execution and commercial production. Ivan founded and later sold two successful companies in the field of electronics.

In 2008, Ivan founded the Quantum Energy Devices, Inc., to pursue opportunities in alternate energy and propulsion technologies, and in 2011, he started Infinergy, Inc., a technology incubator specializing in advanced and frontier technologies that may benefit humanity. Last but not least, Ivan received two Academy Awards for his pioneering concept and development of the Coherent Time Code Slate and for his commitment to the development of a wireless transmission system for video-assisted images for the motion picture industry. Yes, we have a rock star on our team!

Ryan Hunt

Ryan Hunt


Ryan is a physicist by training and holds a Master’s Degree in Biological Engineering. Ryan has conducted research on LED-based grow lighting systems for optimizing photosynthesis, and has vast knowledge in electronics and circuit systems.

Ryan is also a co-founder of Algix, a biotech company producing bioplastics from microalgae. If you have tech questions outside of Ryan’s background, go ahead and ask him — your chances for a proper answer are proportionate to how weird the tech is!

Joseph Kaminski PhD

Joseph Kaminski


Joe is Internationally recognized and especially in Silicon Valley where he worked for 10 years with Parc Xerox (Parc Palo Alto Research Center) managing their R&D lab, Micro Opto-Electronics, and Mechanical laboratories.  He spent 8 years with HP as lead hardware architect of high-performance servers, 4 years with Sun Microsystems developing top rated servers, 6 years with Cisco Systems pioneering their first internet hardware and architectural paradigm, as well as dozen other Silicon Valley start-ups.  In 1996, he founded SolidPartners, which became a Gold level solution provider for SolidWorks core 3D and PDM (Product Data Management). In 2006 he won “3rd Best In The World SolidWorks Guru”.  Joe holds 20+ patents plus many high tech recognition awards.  He brings to us his vast knowledge/experience in R&D, Manufacturing and Product Development. Joe is an expert in Physics, Optics, Human Centric/ergonomics and Mechanical Engineering Design.

Lucy Kaminski

Ash Ganley

Ash Ganley


Diverse and one-of-kind 25 year career as a singer-songwriter with National acclaim, FOREX fund trader and advanced technical analysis trainer, lighting designer, new business zero-to-revenue initiator, horticulture LED consultant, and all things LED Lighting business development, marketing and direct sales.  Ash is a natural relationship builder and communicator with limitless entrepreneurial drive and vision, with a track record of creating revenue, traction and successful programs in a start-up environment.