Ivan Kruglak

Ivan Kruglak

CEO / Electrical Engineer

Ivan Kruglak, CEO of PhytoSynthetix, is an electrical engineer with a professional career as an entrepreneur and inventor. He’s responsible for the successful development of over 50 separate products, from idea to execution and commercial production. Ivan founded and later sold two successful companies in the field of electronics.

In 2008, Ivan founded the Quantum Energy Devices, Inc., to pursue opportunities in alternate energy and propulsion technologies, and in 2011, he started Infinergy, Inc., a technology incubator specializing in advanced and frontier technologies that may benefit humanity. Last but not least, Ivan received two Academy Awards for his pioneering concept and development of the Coherent Time Code Slate and for his commitment towards the development of a wireless transmission system for video-assisted images for the motion picture industry. 

Ryan Hunt

Ryan Hunt,

MS Biological Engineering

Co-founder / Biophysicist

Ryan is a physicist by training and holds a Master’s Degree in Biological Engineering. Ryan has conducted research on LED-based grow lighting systems for optimizing photosynthesis, and has vast knowledge in electronics and circuit systems.

Ryan is also a co-founder of Algix, a biotech company producing bioplastics from microalgae. If you have tech questions outside of Ryan’s background, go ahead and ask him — your chances for a proper answer are proportionate to how weird the tech is!

Ash Ganley

Ash Ganley


Diverse and one-of-kind 25-year career as a singer-songwriter with National acclaim, FOREX fund trader and advanced technical analysis trainer, lighting designer, new business zero-to-revenue initiator, horticulture LED consultant, and all things LED Lighting business development, marketing, and direct sales.  Ash is a natural relationship builder and communicator with limitless entrepreneurial drive and vision, with a track record of creating revenue, traction and successful programs in a start-up environment.

Donovan Warnick


Product Manager


Donovan Warnick is an executive consultant with a focus on planning, development, and commercialization of new products.  Over 15 years of functional and consulting experience in Research and Development and Manufacturing Strategy within the Electro-Mechanical Manufacturing Industry. Excellent working knowledge of Product Realization, Requirements Definition, Design Verification/Validation, Manufacturing Best Practices, and Lean Manufacturing Processes. Some typical clients include industry leading products in the process and laboratory equipment, solar tracking and LED lighting markets. He is also skilled at business process reengineering efforts utilizing Structured Problem Solving as well as Change Management and Business Process Outsourcing.

Donovan has a Bachelor of Science degree from Colorado State University, with a major in Mechanical Engineering.

Pat Adamson


Sr. Electrical Engineer


After serving in the United States Air Force for four years, Pat Adamson worked at the University of Colorado for the next 12 years as Project engineer at the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics, Bioengineer at the Cardio Vascular Pulmonary Laboratory at the CU medical Center, and Director of the Instrument Development Laboratory in Electrical Engineering.

Pat was the Owner and Engineer of Video Aids of Colorado (professional video equipment),
Inventor and President of Turbulence Prediction Systems for prediction of airborne hazards.

He was granted three NASA SBIR awards –two Phase I and one Phase II, and is the Inventor and President of Easylite Fluorescent Ballasts – first dimming T8 four-lamp ballast.

In addition, Pat is Engineer at Colorado VNET home automation Systems and an Independent Electrical Consultant since 2005.

He is the holder of 29 issued patents and 12 pending patents, holder of Amateur Radio General Class License.

For solace and inspiration, Pat enjoys his hobbies of Digital Photography and Hiking in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.


Jonathan Snyder


Electrical Engineer


Jonathan Snyder Earned his degree in Electrical at the University of Colorado and has worked in the Denver and Boulder metro area throughout his 15year career. As a licensed professional engineer in Colorado.

He has worked in varied industries including commercial lighting, Industrial, medical and scientific. Power electronics and precision analog sensing with an embedded background is a perfect match of experience that delivers the types of integrated designs people expect from their devices and appliances.

With today’s devices having more programmable devices than ever before, Jonathan has kept up with the industry’s latest controllers, and field programmable devices. This marriage of hardware and embedded programming allows for continuity when designing platforms that enable research with an eye to a product development. In addition to design, Jonathan has hands on experience with PCBA assembly which gives his designs added incite.

Many of his projects often begin as a research based proof of concept designs, and it is this passion for research and a commitment to solid functional designs that has made him well suited to develop innovative and targeted technology for agriculture lighting.