ga-coiThe Use of Far-red Light for Crop Cultivation 

PhytoSynthetix completed the Center for Innovation sponsored research in partnership with the University of Georgia on the effects of far-red LEDs on crop growth and development. See more here 

The Future is Plants In Control

PhytoSynthetix research in partnership with the University of Georgia on the development of a biological feedback control of LED grow lights was featured on the 2015 spring edition of the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences magazine “Southescapes”. Special thanks to Kathryn Schiliro and Katie Walker. Read more

Ag Biotech Showcase

PhytoSynthetix was one of the ag biotech startup companies selected to present at the Ag Biotech Entrepreneurial Showcase at the North Carolina Biotechnology Center located at the Research Triangle Park (RTP) in NC. Read more

Saporta Report

PhytoSyntehetix on the Saporta Report. Read more


PhytoSynthetix CTO Erico Mattos had the honor to present the Biofeedback control of horticultural LED lights at the 2014 TEDxPeachtree teamed “illuminate”. Watch the video


PhytoSynthetix had the honor to present at the 2016 Congress on the Future of Engineering Software (COFES) Maieutic Parataxis. Maieutic Parataxis is a series of five-minute vignettes drawn from topics and ideas that, while perhaps not yet fully formed, are likely to impact your thinking about how we design, build, and interact with software in the future. Our CTO Erico Mattos gave a presentation on the Maieutic Parataxis section talking about the idea of using plants photosynthetic parameters to control horticultural lighting systems in Controlled Environment Agriculture systems.

Ocean Exchange

PhytoSynthetix was selected among the 10 finalists to present at the international Ocean Exchange competition in Savannah, GA. Ocean Exchange seeks innovative, proactive and globally scalable solutions with working prototypes that can leap across industries, economies and cultures. Our CTO Erico Mattos presented our innovative Biofeedback control of LED lights for an audience of 150 people representing a cross-section of professions from industry, government, conservation, research and academia. See the video