Our first large-scale Commercial Greenhouse test with a Rose specialist resulted in:

56% Biomass increase

34% reduction in energy use

3 Day Crop Cycle Reduction

2 Year ROI

Our first Purchase Order

PhytoSynthetix started as a spin-off from its’ co-founder’s graduate research at the University of Georgia on the use of LEDs to optimize photosynthetic processes and maximize biomass production. Since inception, Phytosynthetix has launched a new line of high-output LED horticulture lighting solutions under the name “Grow Ray” (link) and expanded offices to Boulder, Colorado.

  • 2009: Algae technology research led to Biofeedback concept for plants – pioneered at the University of Georgia (UGA)
  • 2012: PhytoSynthetix, LLC spun off into Start Up Incubator at UGA
  • 2014: Funded by State and Federal Grants, Biofeedback technology was further developed and refined for initial proof of concept
  • 2014 to 2016: Concurrent product development for LED lighting system to support Biofeedback technology
  • 2015: Operational Biofeedback systems
  • 2015: PhytoSynthetix becomes a company member of the Green Chamber of the South, an Atlanta based clean tech company accelerator
  • 2016: Three evolutions of LED light design to achieve current multi-functionality
  • 2016: Adaptive Lighting system
  • 2017: Phytosynthetix and Grow Ray ready for full-scale commercial launch