About Phytosynthetix

PhytoSynthetix is a horticultural grow light company that develops and manufactures crop lighting technology based on a novel, patented biofeedback system, and patent-pending autonomous, adaptive LED lights. We have combined a deep understanding of plant physiology with biological engineering to develop a platform system that allows us to develop lighting solutions based on plants photosynthetic parameters. The results: A reduction in the operational costs associated with artificial lights, an increase in biomass and yield, improved plant quality and nutrient profile, an improved controlled environment agriculture facilities management.

Incorporated in 2013 as an LLC and located in Athens, GA at 111 Riverbend Rd, PhytoSynthetix was founded in 2012 by two bioengineering graduate students from the University of Georgia. PhytoSynthetix has focused its research and development on adaptive high output LED grows light systems since its inception. Now with additional offices in Boulder, Colorado and with a new Cannabis and greenhouse-specific product line in Grow Ray (link), Phytosythetix stands poised to bring a new level of efficiency, yield optimization, and adaptive controls standards to Controlled Environment Agriculture.